Trade Science Corp. provides investment advisory and investment management services based on a combination of state-of-the-art theories such as financial engineering and computer science-based inference algorithms.

We aim to (1) offer new alternatives to investment styles for individual investors by realizing easy access to financial engineering that applies leading-edge computer science; (2) provide a new forum for identifying and cultivating money managers, based on fair market mechanism principles; and (3) contribute to the study and development, as well as the dissemination of, leading-edge algorithms.

Trade Science Corp. has created the development and operation environment for "Kabu-Robo ®,"an automated stock trading robot, and has been organizing the online "Kabu-Robo Contest (icon)" since 2004.

Over 20,000 people have participated in the development of Kabu-Robo (as of August 2010), and outstanding Kabu-Robos are now engaged in actual investment advisory activities as "Cyber Fund Managers."

Going forward, Trade Science Corp. plans to offer to active traders investment information services and automatic trade functions utilizing these systems.

Kabu-Robo ® is a registered trademark of Trade Science Corp.
 Established April 2006
 Representative Hideaki Shimane
 Capital 91 million yen(capital reserve: 195 million yen)
 Business Description Research and development of methods of investment for marketable securities; investment advisory services based on the automatic stock trading algorithm robot "Kabu-Robo"
 Location Please refer to our Japanese pages